Cement Boring in Dallas and Fort Worth Areas

Cement Core Boring is done when a circular cut in or through concrete or any hardened material.  This can be to create holes for plumbing, electrical, structural installations, and even for materials testing.

Cement Core Drilling removes the perimeter of the hole with material left in the drill bit.   This material left in the drill bit is called the core.  Cores are often required for materials testing on construction Concrete Boringprojects.

Cement Boring is a fairly simple procedure.  However, there are a number of factors to consider.  What type of drill bit?  What speed to drill it?  Our experienced team will use the right tool at the right speed to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

We offer the experience to go through any hard surface, no matter the size.  Our company can drill to any depth, in any condition, even in tight spaces.  We have the drilling equipment required to handle the simple projects and the complex.  And, we can even drill by hand if required.  Some jobs need customized drill bits, if the job requires it, we have them.

Cement Boring Applications:

  • Plumbing applications – need to get through a masonry wall to run water lines? Need to get through a concrete floor to install a sanitary line, a floor drain, sewer drain or tie into a sewer line?  Or how about the need to run a water line to a toilet or kitchen accessory?
  • Mechanical (HVAC) openings – need to run ductwork, gas lines, exhaust piping etc. but don’t have an opening for it to go? No problem, our operators can do that.
  • Electrical applications – need to run phone lines, cabling, data infrastructure, conduit, wiring, etc. Guess what? Our operators do that.
  • Anchor holes for handrails/guard rails – need to put a handrail or guardrail upon a concrete base? To start, drill a hole into the concrete to anchor the post too.  We can even help if you need the handrail replaced and need new holes drilled.  We can also fill in the old hole.
  • Materials Testing – need cores drilled for materials testing? We have the tools and knowledge to get you a quality sample for your testing agency.

Cement Boring Project

Our team of professionals can handle your cement boring project quickly and efficiently.  When on your project site, our team will be sure to follow all OHSA & safe construction standards.  We will keep your site safe.  Our team also understands the importance of knowing what is beneath the cut.  Our operators will review as-built drawings with you to determine if there are any gas, utility lines, etc. in the area.  If drawings are not available, or there is any question, we recommend ground penetrating radar scanning.  We even have the tools for that.

Our team of professional operators has the highest quality tools available.   All of our operators make sure that your job site is safe, is secure, and is clean at all times!

Our professionals are just the right team for the job.

Give us a call and tell us about your cement boring project needs.  We are happy to provide you with a free quote!

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